Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook's new messaging will cannibalize Facebook's own usage

Recently FB announced new Messaging system. If new messaging system is indeed "better" more users will simply shift from interactions that results in "News Feeds" to Messaging which is less visible. With lesser "News Feeds" FB's web sickness will erode. I'm made to believe "News Feeds" is key for sickness of FB.

I guess there would be many happy to have lesser "News Feeds", I personally do. Once I get an invite I'll give it a sincere try like I did for Google Wave.


Balaganesh said...

News feeds are not only conversation between people, i think it makes very few percentage of news feed.

Anantharaman Mani said...

Bala, I agree. News feed more than conversation. But the most interesting is conversation with people.