Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why Haven't Online Newspapers Gotten it Right?

Kirkville - Why Haven't Online Newspapers Gotten it Right?

Kirk, I liked your point "serendipity of discovering".

Another main concern is "Newsworthiness". Sometime "News" is news only because it is printed in the newspaper. Newspapers have build that perception and trustworthiness over a period of time. However even new online media (Blogs) are able to create ripples in the society with their news.

Asking newspaper to get online right is like asking the good thearterical team to make a movie. Just videotaping a play and projecting is on the screen doesn't make it a movie. The movie has its own rules/tricks/grammar.

Exploratory testing

Good article by Jonathan Kohl on Exploratory testing for Agile Teams.

Take aways from the article:
Keep the test data central and up to date.
Testers involvement and analysis is critical.
Automation combined with testers manual testing based on analysis will lead to efficient testing.
If your looking for Software testing courses, check the following.

Rapid software testing

Michael Bolton's course