Saturday, December 27, 2008

Relevance of News Agencies and Syndication in Internet era

Pre Internet era:

Your local Newspaper covered International News mostly by sourcing the News article from News agencies, Newspapers and other publications by paying small fee.

This service was valuable, even if they printed the News verbatim without any change, as one did not have any easy option to access such News article. Of course you can fly down to place or get the publication couriered, but for most this simple re-printing service was valuable.

Now coming to Internet era:

Explanation with an example - Check the original article: Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008 from Wired Magazine.

This same article has been syndicated to an Indian publication Indiatimes and re-published in this article titled: Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008

Now the key question: What value has Indiatimes added by re-publishing this article in Indian website?

- The original article was presented well and better photographs.
- The original article loaded much faster in my browser

So the "value add" by Indiatimes is none!

Wait. May be "The brand awareness". How many Indians (as Indiatimes' target customer base is India) know wired magazine?

Well it fails here too.

I found the article link through Slashdot and other online feed aggregators (Google readers). I'm an Indian - TG of Indiatimes.

In online World the "power of sharing" through feed aggregators and search engine is bigger than brand.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marketing communication lessons from Apple - Part 1

Update: After a good friend made valid points in the comments:

  • 2008's Top gift. Link 1, Link 2 (you might have to scroll down)

You have just launched "add on" service/facility/function to your flagship product and your job is to entice user with this just launched "add on".

Just launched means you can't make tall claims such as "Number 1", "Fastest selling", "Most sold", etc.

Here is what Apple does : -

This advertisement was for newly launched 'gift card' facility for iPhone 3G. I've underlined the interesting part in 'RED' in the advertisements = "Talked-about".

Now, how can anyone dispute 'Most talked-about' claim?

Lesson: When you can't make objective claims, make subjective claims that no one can dispute!

iPhone- surely has the buzz, but not the 'Gift card'. So you try to steal the buzz of iPhone and pass it on to the 'add on'. By reading this adverstisement you don't know - 'Much talked about' is about the iPhone or the 'Gift card'. I'm sure not many talk about the 'Gift card' - Pleazzze...there is never a buzz about 'Gift cards'.

Isn't very smart and simple communication? At the same time making 'indisputable' tall claims which most users don't realize.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thank you, Terrorist!

Thank you, Terrorist!

For waking me up, for kindling the anger in me!

But, where was this anger?

...When thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every year, when I know proper support would have saved their lives.

...When thousands of Indian lives are taken by floods year after year, when I know that proper town/city planning would save these lives.

...When lakhs of Indians get killed in road accidents, when I know that proper roads, road safety and first aid would have saved accident.

...When in spite of having world's costliest (42,000 crore) child care scheme, India still has 40% of world's malnourished children, when I know that corruption is the main reason for this failure.

...When thousands of Indians perish in regional, communal and caste based violence every year, when I know its been created by politicians for votes.

...When India is growing slums, making millions live in extreme poverty and neglecting the failing urban infrastructure, when I know the way to create sustainable cities and villages.

Where was the anger all this while? When I did not care for India.

Thank you, Terrorist. It is in you we Indians see a common enemy!
Thank you, Terrorist. It is in you we Indians see our failed and uninspiring politicians!
Thank you, Terrorist, it is in you we Indians see the ill effects of corruptions!
Thank you, Terrorist, it is because of you we Indians have risen from our passive and voice-less lives.
Thank you, Terrorist, it is because of you we Indians are seeking change!

You have awaken my brothers and sisters. Thank you, Terrorist.

I don't know what your ultimate goal is, but you have made India stronger and more vibrant. Thank you, Terrorist.

Jai Hind