Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wake Up Microsoft!

  • Share of time spent on Internet. MSN is bleeding

  • Smartphone growth rate. Microsoft is beginning to have negative growth

  • US Mobile browser market share. MS figures in others!

I'm wondering what is happening at Microsoft camp?

Bing did get positive reviews, but it is no where near the threatening limits of Google. The lesser said about Zune, better it is. Xbox did emerge a strong player, but WII killed all the mindshare of X-Box.

I'm an open source enthusiast, but I'm not Microsoft or any specific technology basher. Care for a wake up call to Microsoft, is due to my respect for the significant contribution the company has made to computing field and getting technology to layman.

I believe Microsoft is torn between enterprise business and consumer business. The call to "Cloud Computing" by Setev Ballmer is interesting. It talks a lot about the consumer experience. However I believe it will push Microsoft as another IBM - Relevant but no excitement in the consumer side.