Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More quotes from Prof B.M Hegde's Oration

This post lists some of the interesting quotes from Prof B.M Hegde's oration. (I'm not sure if these are his own quotes. I heard it from him first)
"Bad teacher preaches,
good teacher teaches,
great teacher reaches"

"Competition with others is mediocrity,
competition with self is excellence"

"Tree with fruits bends low"

Which loosely translates to: people with true skills are humble.

"There is no pill for every ill,
but definitely there is ill for every pill"

"Pill thrills but kills"
About pain killers

"Eat 6 times a day - eat anything, but in limited quantity"

"Good health = Capacity to love and work"

"If you need justice, don't go to court
If you need honor, don't go to police station
If you need good health, don't go to hospital"

"Leading cause of death

1. Modern Medical treatment
2. Heart attack
3. Cancer

These are results of a scientific study"

" For ~1400 years human believed blood was pumped by liver

This concept was first published by Greek physician Claudius Galen (A.D 131 -200 "

The new paradigm that heart pumps the blood was discovered by English physician William Harvey. Human civilization has been through many such paradigm shift, earth is flat, sun/moon revolves around earth etc. Dare to question the popular knowledge/belief.

" Be wise as a serpent
and harmless as dove"

He quoted from the Bible.


Vijay Chidambaram said...

"If you need justice, don't go to court
If you need honor, don't go to police station"

Sounds like something out of a Puzo novel :) In India, the news that medical treatment is the number one killer would probably be received with a yawn though.

Anantharaman Mani said...

He He. Its a nice dialog, its not mine though.

Surprising, in India medical treatment has benefitted people more than the west. Reasons - It is still no where near the commercialization of that of US.

India has had good success in eradicating small-pox, leprosy, polio etc.