Monday, September 08, 2008

Why the word 'Non Linear' in the blog title?

Starting a blog is easy, blogger and wordpress, makes it a no brainer. Sustaining it, posting regularly, is very difficult. Yeah, every blogger knows it.

The main challenge is getting the theme, style and purpose of the blog right. One needs to answer: Why? for whom? Is there enough to be written?

Lets come to my blog, with a weird blog title like 'non linear media', I certainly can't post about the jolly good time I had with my school friends during annual get together or why I almost had got into road rage when crazy two wheeler bumped into my car?

Yes, I know there is not even one follower for my blog! So I can write whatever I can/want and it will not matter, but ya 'now wat, it doesn't feel right nor its fun, so the motivation gets killed.

So, when a friend suggested that I can overcome blogger's posting block (BPB) by changing the title and starting afresh, I gave it a hard thought. I'd only 2 posts in '08 and 1 post in '07.

After much thinking I couldn't let go of my love for "Non linear" and "Media", however I changed everything else the template, look and feel, additional information, tagging etc.

I added the tag line "Sharing my love for non linear mathematics, media and technology" and suddenly I was able to feel the purpose of this blog and answer the questions why? for whom? will I've enough to write?

Don't expect the answers in the post, the answers will be in form of various posts that I'll be posting hence forth. All the gadgets (that you see on the right) will make this blog dynamic and constantly changing, thus taking pressure of me.

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