Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marketing communication lessons from Apple - Part 1

Update: After a good friend made valid points in the comments:

  • 2008's Top gift. Link 1, Link 2 (you might have to scroll down)

You have just launched "add on" service/facility/function to your flagship product and your job is to entice user with this just launched "add on".

Just launched means you can't make tall claims such as "Number 1", "Fastest selling", "Most sold", etc.

Here is what Apple does : -

This advertisement was for newly launched 'gift card' facility for iPhone 3G. I've underlined the interesting part in 'RED' in the advertisements = "Talked-about".

Now, how can anyone dispute 'Most talked-about' claim?

Lesson: When you can't make objective claims, make subjective claims that no one can dispute!

iPhone- surely has the buzz, but not the 'Gift card'. So you try to steal the buzz of iPhone and pass it on to the 'add on'. By reading this adverstisement you don't know - 'Much talked about' is about the iPhone or the 'Gift card'. I'm sure not many talk about the 'Gift card' - Pleazzze...there is never a buzz about 'Gift cards'.

Isn't very smart and simple communication? At the same time making 'indisputable' tall claims which most users don't realize.


Boundlessdreamz said...

Strongly Disagree.
1. It is surely the most talked about produt. Not sure whether it is the most talked about gift
And that discounts the fact that a significant majority of people will go straight to for iphone since it is well known that iPhone is by apple unlike say RIM and Blackberry
2. "Most talked about gift": The gift here is definitely the iPhone. They didn't say most talked about/most wanted gift card. Note that gift card is the solution to a problem. How to give the iphone as a gift. Solution: Use gift card. Even if they stop issuing gift cards and have some other mechanism for gifting iphones they can still use the words "How to give the season's most talked about gift".

Anantharaman Mani said...

Manu I agree with you.

But, where is the argument that iPhone is not 'talked about'?

Where is the argument that not many want iPhone as a gift or gift it to others?

The point is 'Most Talked about' can't be measured easily. Its a different communication.

Usual marketing communication are - No:1, lowest cost etc.

Most company would have written
"No: 1 Gift".

In this specific case. Gift cards 'solution' for iPhone was new. Remember iPhone activation comes with telcom activation. Gifting of iPhone in US was tough especially if geography separates 'gifter' and 'giftee'.

Anyway, my style of writing might seem that Apple is cheating, that Apple is making tall claims.

The post is positive. Its learning lessons.

or, may be your point is this is the only right way to communicate.

But, the sad truth is not many company do that.