Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thank you, Terrorist!

Thank you, Terrorist!

For waking me up, for kindling the anger in me!

But, where was this anger?

...When thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every year, when I know proper support would have saved their lives.

...When thousands of Indian lives are taken by floods year after year, when I know that proper town/city planning would save these lives.

...When lakhs of Indians get killed in road accidents, when I know that proper roads, road safety and first aid would have saved accident.

...When in spite of having world's costliest (42,000 crore) child care scheme, India still has 40% of world's malnourished children, when I know that corruption is the main reason for this failure.

...When thousands of Indians perish in regional, communal and caste based violence every year, when I know its been created by politicians for votes.

...When India is growing slums, making millions live in extreme poverty and neglecting the failing urban infrastructure, when I know the way to create sustainable cities and villages.

Where was the anger all this while? When I did not care for India.

Thank you, Terrorist. It is in you we Indians see a common enemy!
Thank you, Terrorist. It is in you we Indians see our failed and uninspiring politicians!
Thank you, Terrorist, it is in you we Indians see the ill effects of corruptions!
Thank you, Terrorist, it is because of you we Indians have risen from our passive and voice-less lives.
Thank you, Terrorist, it is because of you we Indians are seeking change!

You have awaken my brothers and sisters. Thank you, Terrorist.

I don't know what your ultimate goal is, but you have made India stronger and more vibrant. Thank you, Terrorist.

Jai Hind


Mariam Dholkawala said...

Nice post Ananth!

I couldn't have agreed more with you on this subject. Our country is seeing a new revolution post the more and more Indians are wanting to come together to make a definite and permanent change to life around them.

It is sad that a terror attack so big had to awaken us...but atleast it has given us the hope that we will no longer take crap from anyone, be it those running our democratic government or those from our neighboring lands.

I completely support the movement for a united, secure and vibrant India - its our country and nothing can break it!


Anantharaman Mani said...

Thank you. Yes, we need to create united, secure, vibrant, happy and progressive India.

Lets build it.

Srivatsan Chandramouli said...

Hi Ananth

Really good post. And true to what you say, we act like common tribes and would only unite in the face of common external enemy.

When there is no common enemy each tribe fights against each other.

Anantharaman Mani said...

Thank you Srivatsan,

The educated Indian youth has been far too silent and shy of politics. However its only through good politics and genuine leaders we can build a great nation.

Vijay Chidambaram said...

Great post Ananth! I totally agree with you. Silence is Acceptance. The attitude should change from "I've got a government job, nobody can ask me anything" to "Oh God! I'm a public servant - anybody can come along and ask me a thousand question and it is my job to answer. I shouldn't mess up", then the other changes can happen - this one is holding up all the others.

Anantharaman Mani said...

Thank you Vijay. My only urge is "educated youth should lead a public live (society, political)".

We need top talent in public service.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. What have you done for your country? Only if people like you do something, will your country change.